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YFA 3159



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This film documents a Sunday school trip from Bradford to the seaside and has been shot in a combination of colour and black and white film stock.

(Colour) The film opens with a few green buses lined up towards which many families are walking. There are many children running to the busses and boarding, and as the buses depart, some of the parents who will stay behind wave goodbye.
(B&W) The children inside the bus are seated, smiling, and some waving to the camera, and part of the beginning of the journey is filmed from inside the bus.
At the rest stop, there is a long line outside of the Ladies Room. One of the buses in the background can be seen as bound for Scarborough , and there are many people hanging around outside the buses. There are two men and two women who are laughing and joking around as well as a child eating sweets. A group is lined up posing for the camera, and there are many different groups of people around the rest stop eating, waiting for tea and coffee, and just wondering around.
Arriving at the accommodations, the busses are parked and lined up along the pavement. The passengers depart the buses and head towards their accommodation. Inside, many of the people on holiday are seated around a long dinner table getting ready for a meal.
At the beach, the group begins to set up beach chairs and blankets for their day at the seaside. A man, dressed in a suit, rolls up his trouser-legs and runs towards the water with the children. There are also pony rides up and down the beach which many of the children decide to do.
(Colour) Still at the seaside there is a group of children playing with a beach ball, many more pony rides, children eating cotton candy and ice cream, and many children digging in the sand making the beginnings of sand castles. There are a few different groups of adults and teenagers seated in beach chairs on the sand watching the children at the seaside. The filmmaker visits those different groups and in panning shots captures all those on the journey. Later, as the tide has changed, some of the older women are wading in the water with the children. (At this point in the film there is a light flicker on the left side of the frame slightly obscuring the picture.) There is more general relaxing on the beach, and as the day begins to come to a close, a little girl helps a man wash off his feet getting rid of the sand. He then jokingly proceeds to use the foot-wash to clean his entire self. Two older women seated in the same group of people pose for the camera smiling with a towel over their heads. A few more of the adults from the group also smile and joke around for the camera.
Right off the beach, there is funicular railway lift which takes part of the group to the top of a large hill. From the top of the hill, the camera captures a view of the seaside as well as the surrounding area and a nearby swimming pool. Back down at the bottom of the hill some of the children blow bubbles as they wait for the busses to arrive to bring them back to the holiday accommodation. Back at which, there are two young girls playing on a swing in the back garden.
The next day at the beach it is much more of the same with the adults relaxing in beach chairs and wading in the water. The children play along the beach and in the water. One of the men has fallen asleep in the beach chair along with his child who is sitting with him. Many of the older women who are on holiday are dressed in long coats and hats. Additionally, there are more pony rides and the children also partake in some sweets and cotton candy.
By the busses, the older ladies of the group are lined up all eating popsicles, which they appear to be enjoying very much, posing for the camera. As the journey goes away from the beach, a man and a woman from the trip look at a mechanical cowboy with a sign above it which reads Frisco Rides Again. The mechanical cowboy is on a swivel wheel and waves at passers-by. The man mimics his movements and waves back.
The final day at the beach is quite cold and rainy, and many of the adults on the trip have their rain gear on. This does not stop the children though, as one girl finds a starfish which she holds up to the camera, and there is a brief cricket game on the beach. A man and woman decide to brave the cold water, and run in towards the ocean, umbrella in hand. But the water appears to be too cold and the quickly return to their chairs. The man takes his time returning though, walking in the puddles along the way.
The film then ends with a group of women together posing for the camera with rather comical-looking small hats on.