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YFA 775



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This film contains footage of the Bradford Rotary trip to Richmond on Tuesday 29th May, 1956. On their journey, the club members briefly stop at Ripon and take in some of the sites as well.

Title-Rotary Club of Bradford Visit Richmond.

Title-Tuesday 29th May 1956.

The first shots are of the Rotary Club having a gathering in a big room. Some men sit at a top table and address the members. Then the shot cuts to the Rotary Club lunch where lots of men are seated at a dining table and one of the men is drawing on a paper plate. Soup is being ladled into bowls at a long table and the men sit back down and eat.

In the next scene, the men are lined up outside a building and smiling and talking at the camera. A car drives up and a man and woman get out and walk over to a waiting coach; there is a brief shot of a man's watch which reads 10 am. There are shots taken from inside the coach show more Rotarians and their wives getting on as well as shots of the road taken from a position just behind the driver.

The coach drives into Ripon where there are views of the market square and a shot of an obelisk. A man cleaning a sign post stops and looks at the camera. The club members walk back towards the camera after looking around Ripon but some of them have to jog back so that they aren't late. There are more shots taken from out the windows looking at scenery and shots of the driver.

Upon arrival in Richmond the Rotarians turn down `Friars Wynd' lane and into an old stone building which turns out to be a theatre. A sign informs us that the theatre is under renovations and is not open to the public. There is a brief shot of a man holding a small bird in his hand.

In another scene the coach stops, everyone gets out and a man greets them all at the entrance to a building. There are shots of the club members and their wives posing beside jewels which have been laid out on cloths, crowns, a Mayoral staff, and some tankards.

Following this the group visit Richmond Castle where there are shots of the top of the castle taken from below. There is a sign which says that if anyone defaces the castle walls then they will be prosecuted. There are many shots of the Rotarians and their wives from various distances away, as they wander around exploring the castle ruins.

The next scene opens with shot taken from above looking down onto a river, a bridge going across the river and some village buildings located beside the river. There are more shots of a man exploring a part of the castle and then shots of the river and bridge from above. A dog wanders about beside part of the walls. The men and women wander back across the grass in the direction of the camera; some smile as they pass. There are more panning shots of the ruins.

The next scene is taken from high up looking down into a town square and watches as red buses drive through and park. A shot from above looks down at a soldier who is walking along an alley way. There are more shots taken from above looking out over the castle grounds where some of the women can be seen far below.

In a home appliance store in Richmond some of the men stand in the doorway and have a look at the cookers. The group then make their way through the dales visiting the Buttertubs, Bainbridge, where one of the men puts his legs into mock stone stocks, Aysgarth Falls, and Buckden. There is also a shot of a Notoranni Bros. Ice cream van and the female attendant. A woman stands in the middle of a road in a village and feeds a dog some of her ice-cream wafer. Then the shot cuts to the White Lion Inn.

The End