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YFA 4150



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This film contains footage of the regeneration of the city of Bradford, and in particular, the Pollard Park area. It also contains footage of interviews with some local people who moved into the new neighbourhood in Pollard Park.

This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection which spans the period from 1920 until 2009. The collection includes films with many different topics including industrial documentaries, local events, educational and amateur titles and some of the Wood family home movies. The majority of the films were made by Harold Wood and his son David Wood who were both involved in the running of the film and photography company C.H. Wood.

The film opens with shots of paintings of areas of Bradford many years ago while a narrator talks about Bradford's history.

Title-City of Bradford Metropolitan Council present

Title-Bradford re-born

Title-A C. H. Wood Production.

A band called `The Cresters' play a gig on a stage and when they finish the drummer jumps up to the microphone and starts telling a few jokes about being from Bradford.

In the next scene, the presenter Geoffrey Wheeler stands in a grassy area in Bradford city and talks to the camera about the city. This is followed by shots of the city, a park, and a new housing estate which, according to the narrator, is trying to bring back the sense of community.

There are shots of people, street vendors and entertainers in the streets of Bradford, taken most likely in the early 1900s.

This is followed by shots of the Yorkshire Dales and the Bronte country. The narrator talks about how Bradford got busier and dirtier at the turn of the century due to industry and then the introduction of the car happened and the narrator talks about that development.

Shot of the narrator in a car driving through Bradford city centre and talking about the great planning that Bradford's city planners did in order to make sure that the increase in cars didn't bring the city to a standstill. He says that the planning included carefully considered city routes, multi-storey car parks, shopping precincts and law courts. This is accompanied by shots of all of these places in the city.

Next there are shots of many `sold' house signs and the narrator talks about the many young couples who struggled to find a first home and that there developed a need to go back to the old way of living.

There is a shot of Director of Development Services Reg Atkinson who indicates to a plan of housing estates built on the outskirts of the city. He talks about the demolition of the Pollard Park area and the redevelopment of a more community friendly version of it. Next follows shots of bulldozers knocking down old houses and the construction of new buildings.

There are shots of several different residents of the Pollard Park estate who are interviewed about what it is like to live in the new Pollard Park estate. There are shots of the parks, paths, schools, houses and trees in the area.

Title-Bradford-The Heart of Britain, a place to live, work and play.