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YFA 157



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In 1935 the city of Bradford organized many events to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of George V. Events included historical re-enactments in Peel Park as well as processions through the city and evening bonfire celebrations.

The film begins in Peel Park, Bradford where a large number of people are re-enacting a battle scene. It has been filmed from the back of the stand and over the tops of the heads of the spectators. The battle is fought with swords and shields. One side is dressed in medieval armour, and some are on horseback. Several horse and carts make their way across the park along with a group of hooded monks dressed in black. These are followed by large numbers of boys and girls, mainly girls, dressed in historic costume, who gather around a monk holding a crucifix. Then knights in armour ride in on horseback. They carry shields with the St. George Cross on the front, and are followed by children. Groups of people then dance around in circles holding hands. Then a crowd gather around someone who climbs onto a barrel, before being dispersed by soldiers. Another crowd of women watch an official pinning a notice to an obelisk.

Next there is a re-enactment of a battle from the English Civil War with large numbers of people dressed as Roundheads and Cavaliers. They are on foot and on horseback and engage in a running battle. The first part of the film finishes with the Cavaliers riding off.