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This film documents some of the celebration which took place to commemorate Bradford's Trolley Bus Jubilee year in 1961.

Title - Bradford
Our Silent Service
Bradford's Trolley Bus Jubilee Year 1961
Filmed by Roy Brook. Arranged by J.S. King
Town Service

A blue double decker drives down the street, along with a small red lorry. A man in black gets on the bus at the back door. There is an open top car passing, and also a man with a motorbike and sidecar.

A bus drives by that is going to "Saltaire" (the number 25). A yellow advert plastered in the side looks like it says "Crawford's". The camera looks at numerous parts of the city and there are many pedestrians, though it is difficult to pick out individual clothing or facial expression.

Passengers get onto a bus, one woman at the back of the queue wearing a light brown mac and pink headscarf. Adverts on the back of the bus read "Ramsden's" and "Central Garage". A bus travels in the back of shot whilst a traffic conductor, dressed in white, stands in the foreground.

Title - Serving the Suburbs

A sign on the front of a bus (number 26) changes to show the different destinations it has. They are as follows: "Park gates, city, Bradford Moor, Chelmsford Moor, Undercliffe, Nab Wood, Bingley, Crossflatts, Depot only, Greengates via Idle, Saltaire, Thackley, Five Lane Ends, City".

A close up of a sign reads: "Trolley buses start here for Duckworth Lane 8". Further views of the city follow, and then another sign: "Trolley buses start here for Bingley 24 26, Crossflats 24". There are signs for Bingley and Clayton. A bus goes under a bridge.
An advert on one bus reads "£150,000 Vernon's".
Another sign: "Trolley buses start here for Thornton 7"

On the top deck of one of the buses, a conductor dressed in black goes up to check tickets. A man waits at a bus stop, holding the hand of one child and carrying another. A bus stops, one woman gets off, and then the man and children get on. A different bus stop shows lots of people waiting to get on, many holding numerous shopping bags.

Title - Overhead lines

A man with a hooked pole attaches the top of the bus wires to the overhead lines. More footage of buses driving follow.

Title - Trolley buses replaced tram cars 1929 - 1949

There is an old tram (number 18), painted yellow and with large windows.

Title - Some motor buses were also replaced 1952 to 1955
The trolley bus fleet of today

There is a montage of buses.

Title - Bradford's trolley bus jubilee year 1961

A white trolley bus drives by; on the side it says "1911 Trolley Bus Jubilee 1961". There are close ups of other things painted on the bus, including "Bradford", with the city's crest, "603 KY 8206" and "City Transport, Forster Square, C.T. Humpidge, General Manager".

A bus reverses into a building which has a sign "Car Depot Workshop". A sign attached to what looks like a lamppost reads "All trolley buses stop here. Please queue at other side".

A final intertitle reads "The End", and is decorated with drawings of trolley buses and text which reads "1911 Trolley Bus Jubilee 1961".