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YFA 3383



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This film documents the second annual parade and gala in Bradford, arranged by Bradford Junior Chamber of Commerce. Ken Leckenby, the producer, provides a commentary and interviews.

The film begins with four young women from the gala, dressed in yellow hotpants and tops printed with the slogan 'Read The T&A'. The film shows the preparations for the parade at the start of the day. Ken Leckenby interviews Nick Tiley, Secretary of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, which initiated the gala. Floats are being prepared ready to go. The mayor, Frank Holme, and the Lady Mayoress arrive.

In the city centre of Bradford, the streets are lined with people waiting for the parade. The floats make their way through the centre of Bradford. There are a wide range of floats, many from local businesses. One has a traditional jazz band; another has women in 1920s costume playing banjos. Four women, representing Yorkshire Bank, are dressed in tight white costumes. Additionally, there is a Scottish pipe band, a children's float, and the contestants for Miss Bradford World. Next is a short interview with Mr Robertson, the director of this year's parade, who states that the theme of the parade is 'City of Achievement'.

In the International Stand are representatives of two of Bradford's twin cities: Verviers, in Belgium, and M?nchengladbach, in Germany. The procession is led by the Army Apprentice Brass Band from Harrogate. It is followed by the Mayor and Mayoress who are sitting on a float waving to the crowd. The best commercial entry is Lister's float of flowers and characters from children's' stories. The float which is judged to best represent this year's theme is that of 'Old Mother Bradford', listing many of Bradford's 'firsts'. The drum majorettes from Verviers are followed by the processional representatives from M?nchengladbach.

60,000 people are gathered in the park for the arrival of the 3 hour long procession. The day ends with a display of gun fighting cowboys.

Produced by Ken Leckenby.