Film ID:
YFA 1951



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This is a promotional film made for the Bradford Institute of Technology which highlights the facilities of the Institute.

Title - The Bradford Institute of Technology

The film begins showing the outside of the Institute, before showing some of the rooms inside.  A student browses books in the library.  Students are conducting experiments in the various laboratories (electrical, mechanical and physics) using a variety of equipment.  A lecturer uses a machine for finding the ‘neutron source’.  A student has his eyes examined.   Another lecturer shows a student the skull of an animal, whilst another operates a comptometer.  Following this, another student produces a punched tape, which is then fed into what looks like a teleprinter.  Fabric production is also shown.

The film switches to show Tang Hall and its gardens, followed by the Wood Hall sports pavilion.

Intertitle – Future Developments

The film shows new buildings under construction, and then close-ups of a model of the finished buildings.

The End