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YFA 772



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This film contains footage from a holiday at home event that took place in Bradford in 1943. It depicts the venue and the people that attended the event, including the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, as well as shows the horse riding events in which people of all ages took part.

Title-Bradford Holidays at Home 1943.

Title- In Natural Colour.

Title-Photographed by F.W. Dewhirst

This film opens in an outdoor stage area where there are shots taken from the back seats looking up at the stage. People come along and sit down on the deck chairs and then the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress are led across towards the stage and up to their seats overlooking the audience.

Everybody stand up for them as they arrive. The camera pans across the stage to show all of the other dignitaries that are seated on the stage. Several men make speeches, and after each one, there is a round of applause. Eventually the speeches are finished, and the Lord Mayor and the other dignitaries file off the stage.

A group of men have gathered at a table in the middle of a stadium pitch; they are talking, smoking and leafing through pages. A parade of men and large cart horses pass by the men; the horses have flowers and ribbons decorating their harnesses.

In the next scene smaller ponies and carts are brought around the pitch in front of the judges, and this is followed by a shot of a woman in jodhpurs leading a horse along a field as she talks to another woman. There is a shot of a man and his young toddler who is drinking from a large, glass bottle.

There are more shots from the horse show as people groom their horses and more carts parade around the pitch. Following this display is the event for children and their ponies. The judges watch them and choose some horses and riders and examine the horses.

In another scene some men run along beside huge cart horses and one of them almost slips beside his horse. There is a shot taken from above and looking down onto the pitch and the events taking place.

A group of well-dressed men and women (possibly the Sharp family) stand outside in another part of the stadium and pose and smile for the camera.

A driver helps the Lady Mayoress and then the Lord Mayor out of a car, and they walk in the direction of the camera. They wander around another section of the stadium talking to people and a young woman riding a horse passes them and smiles and the camera.

The start of the next scene was edited so that the shots run backwards. Some young riders jump their horses over fences; some of them knock them down. One of the refuses to jump over the fence even though the rider tries several times. There are shots of the huge crowds that fill the stadium stands watching the horse riding events.

In the final few shots some judges lay small items on the grass at intervals. Horses and their riders play a game where they have to race towards the item, jump off the horse and retrieve it, jump back on the horse and drop the item into a bucket. They do this several times.