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YFA 4265



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Part of the Bradford Technical College collection, this film contains footage from the Great Yorkshire Show, specifically showcasing the College's Wool Exhibition.

This film opens with a shot of a marquee with `Wool Exhibition' by Bradford Technical College. Crowds of families and couples wander around this exhibition at the Great Yorkshire Show. A woman is wearing a sash around her with `The Great Yorkshire Show' written on it. She poses with men in suits and women in dresses and hats. The young women stand around chatting to the men and older women and this is followed by a sudden time lapse shot of people going past the Bradford Technical College exhibition.

Crowds of men and women in brightly-coloured 70s clothes wander around the pavilion of the show. There are vans selling food, stands with flags, a boat, a Yorkshire Post and an Evening Post stand, and newspaper sellers with bundles of papers.

The next shots are from a horse show in the arena; a horse goes over a wall and some men run onto the arena to replace the blocks for the next horse. The camera pans all around to show the large crowd sitting on the grass watching the horse jumping. This is followed by a brief shot of a baby in a pram, a man selling balloons to a boy, and a stand with `Hudson' construction vehicles written on it.

The next section is sped up footage of the crowds enter the `Wool Exhibition' marquee over the space of a few hours.

The next scene takes place in a big field; a bull is led around a ring by man in white coat. There are shots of lots of men and women leading large bulls, cow and calves around a ring; they are lined up and examined. A crowd of visitors are lined up along a fence to watch the judging.

There are shots of crowds wandering around stands which are advertising farm machinery; the companies include `Platts's of Doncaster'.

There is a brief shot of some glamorous young women walking across the grass and then a shot of some young men who appear to be yelling and waving at the camera.

The next scene takes place in a workroom where some men sit beside shelves which contain machines. Following this is a shot of a sheep in a pen and some people picking up a leaflet for an aquarium; there are brief shots of the fish.

The public wander around a display of machines that dye and weave wool; there are samples of tartan material, wool scouring, and carding. A couple from a previous shot smile at the camera as they look at the machines. The President of Bradford Technical College and the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Bradford accompany the couple.

A group of women and a man are in the wool spinning area and one of the women jokes about with hand carding brushes; around them are lots of other wool dying and spinning machines.

There is a very brief shot of a woman eating something and smiling at the camera; in the next shot she is talking with a few other women.

Next few shots take place inside a marquee; a fashion show of wool clothing is underway. There are male and female models; many of the models walk with funny steps and hop or dance down the catwalk. The shots are taken from the back of the marquee.

Back at the wool exhibition the public look at samples of material under microscopes as well as watching the processes that the wool goes through on different machines. A woman uses a hand loom and several men use mechanical looms.

Three women sit outside on chairs; all you can see are their legs from the knees down as the camera lingers on them for a while.

A young toddler pushes a little cart into the wool exhibition tent.