Film ID:
YFA 4263



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This film contains footage of a man and woman using hand looms. It shows the processes that go into weaving material.

The film begins with shots of a man at a loom weaving tartan material; occasionally he looks at the camera. The man replaces the threads in the loom shuttle and this is followed by lingering shots of the machinery parts working.

There are shots of red, yellow, green and white spools of thread moving along quickly and then camera pulls out to show the entire loom again. The man pulls threads over the length of material and pushes the loom shuttle under and over some of the weave.

In the next shot there is another loom and a woman in a white over coat working on it. She watches the machine and smoothes out some of the threads running into the machine. There are lingering shots of the punch cards moving into the loom and then folding up as they are used. The camera follows the threads as they move down the machine and are woven into a crest design.