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YFA 4227



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The film depicts the Sikh Temple in Bradford in 1972. Men, women and children have a meal in a hall, read books and attend a ceremony.

The film opens with women and girls at a long table having a meal; some of the women walk around the table dishing out food and drinks. Most of the women eat with their fingers and wear traditional clothes, headscarves and jewellery.

In the next shot women and men stand beside a book case looking at the books; some of them take books out and open them. All of the men wear head coverings too. Following this there is a shot of a few men at a table with notebooks and ledgers open in front of them; they search through and write in them.

The final scene takes place in a hall with a manji sahib or platform which is covered by a palki. A large crowd of men, women and children are sitting on the floor facing it; some people still walk in as the ceremony starts. There are two men sitting on the platform talking into a microphone; a man brings his daughter up and they both bow to the manji sahib. Another few men do the same thing. There are lots of coins scattered on the palki.

[Around 90% of Sikhs who help to make up Bradford's South Asian community come directly from India -  reference Ramandar Singh.]