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YFA 4262



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This film is part of the Bradford College Collection and includes footage from the construction of a college extension.

The film opens with a shot from one site of construction site looking across it over some fencing. A man stands on a pile of rubble in the middle of site and watches a dumper truck push a mound of soil along. Behind the man, the existing college buildings are visible, as well as residential buildings, traffic and pedestrians.

Lingering shot of a dumper truck at the edge of a trench chipping away at bits of soil with the metal claw. A truck with `Ainsworth' written on the front, drives along the site; builders can be seen working in the background.

There is a zoomed-in shot of soil and then the camera pulls back to reveal that it's in the back of truck and the truck is driving away down a cobbled road. The truck reverses back to the bottom of the trench and the digger with the claw drops rubble into the back of it.

Two men stand in muddy water in the trench; one holds up two red and white striped poles, the other man has a sheet of paper. The camera pulls back to show them in the trench in middle of construction site.

There are several shots of men driving various construction vehicles on the site. Following this the two men in the trench leave the poles in the ground and walk away. The man with the `Ainsworth' truck sorts through the rubble in the back; he throws out some of the larger stones. Then the truck drives past several cars along a cobbled road on its way off the construction site. Then the two men from ditch with the striped poles climb along the fence with a measuring tape.