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YFA 4260



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This film includes footage a language class and a wig-making class in Bradford Technical College. The shots from the language lab depict the facilities and equipment the students use and the techniques used to make hair pieces in the wig-making class.

The film begins with a close-up shot of a hand turning dials on a machine. The camera zooms out and reveals that the machine is on a desk at the top of a language class and the teacher is using it. The language booths are full of students with headphones; some of them are talking into their microphones and pressing button son the machines.

Next shots are of some of the students sitting in other booths in front of screens; text comes up on screen and they press buttons. In another part of the room a man takes the lid off a machine in which text rolls through on a continuous sheet of paper.

A young woman sits at a table with several length of what appear to be hair. They are tied horizontally at either end to a wooden frame; she ties threads around the hairs and knots them. Following this is a shot of an asian man with a clump of `hair' in his hands; he flicks it onto a square board with metal pins in it, in order to brush it the `hair piece'. Behind him two women thread hair onto nets on mannequin heads. There is a zoomed in shot of the women. Using hooked needles they pull bits of hair through a mesh in order to create wigs. There is a shot of the three women and the man busy working on the wigs.

There is a brief final shot of a room full of women touch typing at desks. They all look at pages while doing this.