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YFA 4297



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Made as part of the Bradford Technical College Collection, this film contains some footage of students learning how to ice cakes.

This film opens with a shop window full of Easter eggs, chocolate and some meticulously iced cakes. Some of the Easter eggs have names and greetings written in icing and there are also some chocolate bunnies and chickens.

In the next scene a room full of students practice icing intricate designs on fake cake-shaped stands. There are lingering shots of one student icing the stand with many overlapping designs. There are bowls of icing beside the students and one of them scrapes off a part of a design.

The next scene is set outside of the college; two men in work coats dig around a circular cement object. Two quantity surveyors are standing outside the college with a tripod and a measuring stick. The man holding the stick then balances it on the cement object and the man with the tripod takes some readings. Bradford city is visible in the background.

In the final scene, four biology students sit at a table with models of body organs and the human abdomen; they examine the parts and take notes.