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YFA 4224



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Part of the Bradford College Collection, this footage consists of students doing a variety of dancing performances on stage as well as a section in mime and some gymnastics moves.

Title-The opening of the Kent Wing by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent.

This section appears quite slow.

There are four women dancing on a stage in leotards; occasionally a man comes in to dance with one of the women. They do a variety of random dance moves including ballet-type moves, kicking their legs in the air and twirling about.

This section appears to be normal speed.

In the next shot there are two women and one man again dancing but this time they do `The Charleston' dance. Two of them are dressed in current clothing while the second woman is dressed in 1920s fashion.

The next few shots are of more of the students doing mime pieces. A woman stands on stage and a man comes up and kisses her; she pretends to slap him and he walks away. Then she sits on a chair and mimes the actions of putting a roller in her hair. The other mimes include: a man and woman smoking, two men fighting, a magician and his assistant and a man pulling a woman's hair.

The next scene consists of a group of the young men and women doing a group dance on the stage and finally the same people doing so.