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YFA 4310



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This film is from a collection by Bradford Technical College and contains footage of a large fire in a building in Bradford City. There are many shots of the firemen at work and the methods that they use to put out the fire.

The film opens with shots of Bradford city; people walk past the camera and traffic drives by on the roads.

Huge clouds of smoke billow out of a large building some distance away from the camera; there is a team of firemen hosing water onto it. The camera moves up so that only the huge clouds of smoke fill the shot. There are cars parked on the side of a road and lots of people stand beside their cars looking at the fire.

A shot is taken from near the base of the fireman's ladder looking up. The fireman is on the top step holding a hose pipe and aiming the water onto the building. The following shot is taken literally at the base of the ladder looking up along the tail of the hose pipe to the fireman above. The top of the building and the smoke are visible from this angle.

On the street a fireman is on the fire engine; he adjusts the hose pipes and talks to someone who is out of shot. Several firemen are on the street, holding onto hose pipes which are
aimed at the building. There are shots from varying distances away from the firemen on the ground.

There is a close up shot of the fire engine with `City of Bradford Fire Service' written on the side. A man is a different uniform to the firemen stands on the engine looking on, and this is followed by a shot of the hose pipe connections and controls on the fire engine.

On the street beside the fire engines lie the used hose pipes. A couple of firemen walk around the truck; local people stand watching and a man takes photographs. There are more shots from other streets looking at the jumble of hose pipes, water and firemen in the distance.

There are lingering shots of the water being hosed onto the building and a shot of the crowd which has grown and is being kept under control by a few policemen.