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Part of the Bradford Technical College collection, this film includes footage from the opening ceremony held to celebrate the opening of the Westfield Wing. There are shots of the Lord Mayor of Bradford, his wife and other noted members of the council.

Title-Opening of Bradford Technical College, Westbrook Extension 30th April 1965

Title-By Ald.Revis Barber O.B.E.

The film opens with shots of the main entrance to the college with a sign over the door; there is also a shot of the other adjacent building which is eight-storeys high.

The voice over comments on the bright and sunny start to the day.

Two older women, Lady Mayoress and County Alderman Mrs J. Smith, get out of a car and walk towards the camera. The women have chains around their necks as they are the wives of Lord Mayor Alderman W. Marshall Herd and Alderman J. Bachaus, the Chairman of the Education committee.

The group are led up the main staircase followed by lots of men in suits and are greeted in the landing area by a crowd of men; some of which are wearing faculty robes. In the background some people walk through the doors into the assembly hall and this is followed by a cut to the inside of the hall which is full of people. Back in the landing again and the women walk along past some photographers and down some other stair; they are followed by their husbands and the Principle of the college, J. Royston Moore.

In the assembly hall the women and some men line up behind their chairs at a long table up on a platform; the voice-over talks about the people that are gathered. There is a shot of the audience sitting down and then the Lady Mayoress and County Alderman Mrs J. Smith are presented with bunches of flowers by some students from the college. Long pots of flowers have been placed on the stage as decoration and two large television screens have also been set up on the stage facing the audience. There is a shot taken from further away which depicts the entire audience and the stage.

The voice over talks about each person as they stand up.

The Mayor stands up and everyone claps for him; there are shots of the audience clapping and shots taken from different angles in the hall looking up on stage. Principle of the college, J. Royston Moore stands up at microphone and makes a speech. More shots of the audience clapping and looking up onto the stage and camera flashes can be seen as another man gets up to make speech. One of the women is presented with a boxed gift by a younger student and they shake hands; everyone claps. Her herband is also presented with a gift.

The voice over describes what gifts are inside the boxes.

One of the women makes a speech and gets a round of applause

People in seats and on stage all stand and clap and then the shot cuts to two of the men opening the curtains covering a plaque on the wall in the main foyer. Their wives are standing beside them.

The voice over says that the events of the visit are being captured on CCTV supplied by Bairds of Bradford.

The women and some men are brought on a tour of the college; they head into the food technoology section where the students are rolling pastry and decorating cakes.

The next stop is the hairdressing salon where they watch the hairdressing classes; camera flashesgo off around the room again. Two of the older men in suits joke about and Alderman Barber sits in a chair and leans over the sink. The other man holds the hose tap over his head and allows some water to dribble on it. Alderman Barber watches a display of hairdressing and signs the guest book to officially open the new wing.

The unveiled plaque reads `City of Bradford Education Committee, Bradford Technical College, this plaque commemorates the opening of extension to the college on 30th April 1965 by Alderman Revis Barber O.B.E.'

There is shot of the finished extension and the voice over says that it has been called `a building to inspire youth'.

Title-The End.