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YFA 4259



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Part of the Bradford College Collection, this film documents some of the building works which took place at the college.

The film begins with a shot from inside a big crater on the construction site which looks up to the street level. There is a big drilling machine in the crater and then the shot changes to site level looking across the gravel and mud towards a big mound of soil. A couple of men walk across the site and look at the camera. There are some red and white striped poles sticking out of the ground in a few places.

The camera moves to the right and a ladder can be seen sticking out of the ground and beside that again is a big crane vehicle and a lorry. The water logged trench in the crater and the street level buildings and cars are visible.

The camera moves to left and the full size of the flat construction site is revealed. At the back are some older warehouse-type buildings, cars, and more red and white poles.

The next shots are taken from a higher vantage point looking into the crater which has been dug out for the foundations of the building. There are shots of the crane vehicle, diggers, and men in the crater working, and to the right-hand side of the frame is a crowd of people standing and looking over the railings into the construction site. The buildings and skyline of Bradford are visible above the construction site.

Back in crater a man sits on a machine with a drill, he controls it as it digs down further into the crater, As it twists around in the rubble, a builder in overalls comes over to look at the progress and then moves away as the drill driver lifts it out of the ground and swirls it so that the muck sprays off into a pile. There is a close-up of the drill going into the pit and then coming out again. A digger gathers some mud and reverses back along the track in the mud.