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YFA 4519



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This is a film made by West Yorkshire Police of an anti-National Front demonstration and National Front march in Bradford in 1975, Bradford May Day Parade in 1976 and an anti-National Front street sit down demonstration in Manningham, Bradford in 1976.

The film begins with a march proceeding along a major road in Bradford, past the 'Tavern in the Town', with two men putting up two fingers to the camera. Among the banners on the march are ones for Bradford University Union, Bradford Gay Liberation, Gays against Fascism, Bradford Socialist Women's Action Group, Bradford Area Students, and Leeds International Socialists. One banner is upside down.

After a break the march can be seen behind a row of police, one on horseback. There is a banner for BAIRD AEUW Shop Stewards Group. More police arrive, and a march steward shouts through a loud hailer. There is a banner for York International Socialists. The film highlights the banners, including Bradford Communist Party and one not in English. There are close ups of some of the demonstrators, including two eating a sandwich. The demonstration is penned against an office building by the police as the National Front demonstration marches past headed by a Highland Pipe band.

The National Front demo marches past on the other side of the road behind barriers. The anti-NF demonstrators shout at the NF march with the police holding them in. There are some scuffles between the rival demonstrators as the police, lined up linking arms, try to keep them apart. One young demonstrator gets dragged out as more police arrive. The police struggle to hold off the anti-NF demonstrators as they try to get through. One young bearded man is shown close up yelling and holding up his fists. Some NF banners are shown, including, 'Get Britain out of the Common Market' and 'Stand by the whites in Africa' (partially blocked).

There is a break before the film shows a policeman on horseback move into the crowd, and a Telegraph and Argus poster states: 'Big Police Operation to avoid Bradford Demo Clash'. A black man is carried off by several policemen.

After a break a Mayday demo is shown making its way through Bradford City Centre filmed on top of a building opposite the Wool Exchange. At the front are three policemen on horseback, followed by Bradford Trades Council banner and a red van with a banner declaring, 'Tomorrow's Unemployed?' and pointing to children travelling in the back of the van. A placard reads, 'Work or full pay'. One banner, of the Chilean Society, reads, 'Workers of all Countries Unite'. The march stops in the city square where the demonstrators gather to listen to speakers. Placards say, 'Rising Scale of Wages' and 'Stop the Cuts'. Behind the speakers is a banner for Shipley Metal Box Joint Shop Stewards Committee.

The Mayday Demo is filmed again going through the city, this time close up. A woman in a duffle coat is handing out leaflets. The red van (Abrahams and Carlisle Joiners) with children is shown close up, behind which is an AEUW banner. There is a large banner with a sun on it and 'Conn Green Croabh Bradford, Clamna Keireanna' followed by a WSL (Workers Socialist League) banner. Again the march is shown entering the city square with, speakers on the steps of the City Hall.

Another break and the intertitle - Bradford May Day Parade 1976.

Speakers are gathered on the steps, behind an AEUW banner.

The film then switches to a different event: a sit down protest in the middle of a street, in Manningham Lane, with people wearing party hats and holding balloons. A placard states 'Ban the National Front'. The demonstration is a mixture of whites and Asians. Behind them is the Modeldrome shop and Carol's fish bar. There is a party atmosphere. A man is selling Big Flame with a picture of an African on the front. The police physically drag the protesters over to the side of the road, but they get up and resume the sit down protest. One of them is a John Lennon look alike with a striped blazer. Some of the protesters are put into police vans. A protester addresses the crowd through a loud hailer. Placards read, 'No more violence in Bradford', 'Ban the National Front Cavalcade on Sat 1st May', 'Manningham Defence Committee' and 'March against the National Front Sat. 2pm Salt Street'. The protesters gather outside a chemist shop, and again the sit down demonstration is shown with protesters being carried off. Two other cameramen can be seen filming the event.

Intertitle - Sit Down Manningham Lane, May 1976. Forster Square, June 1976

Protesters are being dragged away to police vans. More protesters are gathered in front of Thornton Engineering works. One of the cine cameramen reads a light meter. Police vans are lined up, and a couple of boys ride past on Raleigh Chopper bikes. The pavement is covered with leaflets. People are gathered on a patch of green near a chemist shop opposite a school on Green Lane.