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The following is a series of early cinema advertisements for local Bradford area shops.  The adverts are all animations which publicise the following companies:  F. Hill High Class Draper & Millner, Falkingham’s Cycle Shop, Oxley’s Builders, Clark & Son Bakers, J.R. Lloyd Opticians, Horton Direct Family Supply Ltd. Mineral Water Manufactures, G.T. Megginson Limited, F. & I. Stead, Ltd., and J.W. North Ltd. Coaches.

F. Hill High Class Draper & Millner:
A woman comes out from behind a dressing room curtain.  Other women admire her clothing, and different models display a variety of styles available. 

Title – The House of Fashion Millinery, Gowns, Costumes, Furs
Title – F. Hill High Class Draper & Millner 10 Duckworth Lane, Bradford Tel:  922 Extensive Selection of Ladies Hosiery

Falkingham’s Cycle Shop: 
A man is riding a bike over a series of hills.  There is a pig in his way, and upon hitting the pig, the man falls off the bike.

Title – Don’t buy a dud!  When you can obtain a reliable cycle from Falkingham’s of Carlisle Rd., Manningham Repairs & Accessories Agent for B.S.A. Raleigh Saxton & Enfield.

Oxley’s Builders:
A man is climbing a ladder.

Title – Modern Building Experience & Ability

A house is assembled.

Title – All classes of work undertaken.  Houses & flats – modernised & beautified. 
Title – Oxley’s 2, Mannheim Red. Manningham Phone:  -316 Brad Est 1875 The Builders & Decorators.

Clark & Son Bakers:
A traffic light changes from stop to go, and a number of bakers cross the road, each of whom carry a different type of baked good.

Title – For Cakes, Pies, Bread & Pastries
Title – Try Clark & Son 5, Duckworth Lane, Bradford.  Phone 1617 Made in our own bakehouse.

J.R. Lloyd Opticians:
A man who is smoking a pipe crosses the street.  He then gets hit by a bus.

Title – You ought to get a pair of glasses!

The man shakes his head in agreement.

Title – Don’t risk accidents!  Consult J.R. Lloyd F.B.O.A. Sight Testing Optician 10, Sunbridge Rd. Bradford Telephone. 6465

Horton Direct Family Supply Ltd. Mineral Water Manufactures:
A bottle appears in the bottom corner of the screen, and the bottle top bursts off.

Title – For flavour, purity & quality, “Always Drink the Best” mineral waters.  Horton Direct Family Supply Ltd., Mineral Water Manufacturers Crabtree Street., Gt. Horton, Bradford. 

G.T. Megginson Limited:
The titles appear over a kaleidoscope background.

Title – Preserve your home’s appearance
Title – G.T. Megginson Limited (Bradford) For distempers, paints, arco ceilingwhite.  Special stains for furniture and floors. 
Title – 109, Thronton Rd., and Leeds Rd., Varnish Works, Bradford Telephones 2364 & 4674

F. & I. Stead, Ltd.:
Pictures of the different cars available appear as they’re described by the titles.

Title – Buying a car?
Title – Call & Inspect –The Rover “Family” 10
The Morris 10
The Standard “Little” 9
Title – Call for catalogue & prices F. & I. Stead, Ltd. Coliseum Garage, Bradford Tel 309 Have a Trial Run

J.W. North Ltd. Coaches:
A man is sitting at a desk, and a picture of a train appears in the corner. 

Title – The Travel Problem

This is followed by pictures of a man on a bicycle and a backpacker.  The man at the desk then smiles as a picture of a bus appears.

Title – Travel First Class at Third Class Fare.  The Problem Solved!
Title – Travel… in J.W. North Ltd. Coaches 38, Legrams Lane, Bradford Telephone – Bradford 9327 & 8 Ease & Comfort assured.