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YFA 5208



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The following is a series of early cinema advertisements for local Bradford area shops.  The adverts are all animations which publicise the following companies:  The Ward Manufacturing Co., Thorn Bank College, and R.C Horne Dairy.

The Ward Manufacturing Co.:
Two well-dressed ladies are seated in a lounge.

Title – What a beautiful carpet!  Did you get it locally?
Title – Yes dear, I get all my carpets, rugs, stair carpetings, etc. from the Ward manufacturing Co.
Title – The Ward Manufacturing Co., 98, Westgate, Bradford Tel; 4064

Thorn Bank College:
A man sits, daydreaming at a drawing board.

Title – Don’t dream of a good position.  Be trained for one at –
Title – Thorn Bank College Toller Lane & Duckworth Lane, Bradford Accounting, Business, Secretarial, etc. Training. 

R.C. Horne:
Two children, a boy and a girl, stand on the sidewalk. 
Title – We’ve got Cream for tea!
Title – Good!
Title – The Kiddies all love The Pure Fresh Cream from – R.C. Horne.