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YFA 5150



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This is a sequence of six silent short cinema advertisements from the 1920s: one from Edinburgh, two from Knaresborough, and three of unknown location.  They were produced by Youngers Shoppers’ Gazette and use intertitles and animation throughout.  The films were part of the supporting programme at a local cinema in Yeadon.   

Title – Youngers Shoppers’ Gazette (1925)
“Russ and winker: the pinnacle of perfection in Fine Furs”  “Supreme Quality”
A woman model wearing a fur coat walks into a fitting room and looks at the coat in the mirrors.
“Faultless Style”
She leaves and is replaced by another model who does the same
“Unsurpassed Value”
“There’s a Lifetime of Stylish Service in every Fur sold by Russ & Winkler”
132 Princess Street, Edinburgh.
(52 ft)

“Woman’s Crowning Glory – Glorified!”  “By Helen Butler, permanent waving specialist, 44 High ST., Knaresborough, Tel. 2124”
The film shows a picture of a woman’s head, from both the front and back. (c.1924)
(19 ft)

Sydney’s (c.1924)
“Appeal – The latest model costumes and gowns at . . . Sydney’s  60 High ST., Knaresborough.  Ladies’ Outfitter.”
The text is accompanied by a woman wearing a hat, and then a second picture of two women stood outside a shop examining an item of clothing.
(19 ft)

Juno-Junipah (c.1924)
“Girls! If you want to be bright, vivacious, attractive and slim, take the one health salts designed specially for women - Juno-Junipah”
The advert has a woman lounging on a settee with a magazine, followed by a picture of a bottle of Juno-Junipah
and a glass of water, and then the woman stirs the mixture into the glass and drinks it.
“From all chemists 2’-  Money back if not delighted”
(26 ft)

Carters Little liver Pills (1925)
The advert begins with girls on a playground ‘umbrella’ ride, with a roundabout ride behind, while an elderly gent in a suit, bowler, and sporting a grand moustache, walks over.  A boy looks on in astonishment as the man sits on the ride as it goes around at speed.
“What’s got into old Joe!  It’s the morning after Carters Little liver Pills.”
(53 ft)

R. E. Prest (c.1924)
“Repairs by experts now ready in 48 hours.
The advert has a picture of a man fixing a radio.
“R. E. Prest radio specialist for 21 years”