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NEFA 19748



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An amateur film record of Boys Brigade (Newcastle Battalion) sporting and outdoor activities, parades, and a garden party.

A man in drag, with flowery dress and bouquet, enacts a mock launch of a rowing boat amid a crowd of Boys Brigade members in berets. There are shots of the boys rowing in the sea, and swimming near the shore, many wearing the all-in-one swimwear of the era.

A group of boys are playing and watching football. One senior and a boy fly a kite. Various shots focus on the spectators.

The boys dry off after swimming. Some are swimming from the rowing boat and some from the shore.

Next, there are shots of a drum marching band in uniform. The boys pose for a group portrait.

Scenes from a garden party attended by men and women, with shots of the Boys Brigade President (?) in ceremonial chains. Various Brigade seniors pose surrounded by the boys.

The group raise the Union Jack.

Many shots of the drummers and boys marching at a Boys Brigade camp, tents visible in the background.

The film closes with a group portrait of seniors posing in front of a country house.