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NEFA 18629



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Amateur film compilation that records a Newcastle Battalion of the Boys Brigade drill exercise at Byker and camp scenes at Warkworth in Northumberland; the Boys Brigade parade and gymnastics at the 1929 North East Coast Exhibition held on the Town Moor; and further scenes at the camp at Warkworth.

Title: Camp at Warkworth 1929.

Boys Brigade youth drill at Byker, Newcastle. At Warkworth camp, a bugler plays. The boys parade. The boys horse around. Formal talks between boys and officers take place.

There is a general view of Warkworth main street. The Boys Brigade march through the village. The officers pose for portrait shots.

Shot of Warkworth Church is followed by a (tinted?) shot of a biplane taking off.

Title: North East Coast Exhibition 1929

The camera pans around the grounds of the exhibition, showing pavillions such as the the Palace of Arts, and the Himalayan Railway in the background. The Boys Brigade march in formation in the Stadium, pictured in the foreground. There is a salute from the podium. Acrobats perform various gymnastic routines, such as tumbling, human pyramids. Boys in white perform physical movements in formation, then march past. The boys then set up a cannon.

Title: Camp at Warkworth

A general view of bell tents sets the scene of thecamp. The morning routine for the Boys Brigade campers follows, including preparing kit for inspection. The boys then hike across a field.

Next, the boys take part in the daily routine of a Boys Brigade camp: getting up, going swimming and other activities.

A garden party takes place, with women present.

The boys parade at a camp ground, then assemble outside their bell tents.