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NEFA 19737



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Amateur film of a range of Boys Brigade activities in Newcastle in the 1950s, which includes an annual camping trip at Dalton in 1956, taking a religious exam, the visit of the Hawick Boys Brigade Pipe Band, and sports in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Title: The Boys Brigade - Newcastle Battalion

Title: Annual Camp, Dalton 1956

Boys queue up and are handed mugs of tea by seniors.

Title: Getting Ready for Inspection

The boys fold their kit, polish their shoes and prepare for the inspection. They line up and are inspected by an officer. Food is brought out from a tin hut. There are interior shots as the boys eat at trestle tables and are served with prunes. Next, they wash up.

The boys then set off on a bicycle ride and others begin a hike with backpacks. Rows of large tents are in the background.

Title: A dubious visitor arrives!

The visitor drives up to the camp in a small van and is stopped by a boy at the gate. His papers and the vehicle are inspected. Two other boys help to push the car to start it up again.

The boys engage in various games and sports such as football, volleyball, table tennis.

The next shot is a "trick shot" where the action is reversed. The boys run "backwards" to form a group pose. In their group they sing and are accompanied by an accordionist and a conductor. Tea is rushed from a kitchen to a tent.

Title: Officers

Officers rush in to the tent and a bugle is played by a boy at the door.

Title: Cheerio! Till we meet again at next year's camp, when we hope that you will be there with us, Each one, Bring one!

Title: The Boys Brigade - Newcastle Battalion

Boys enter a door marked "BB Scripture Exam." They are counted in by a senior. There is an interior shot of the boys working hard at their desks, invigilators standing over.

The boys hand in their papers.

There is an exterior shot of a church, then a sign that reads "Church of St James and St. Bazil, Fenham" with service times listed.

A group of the Boys Brigade boys and a band march along a suburban street in uniform. They march past a vicar, possibly Reverend JRH Prophet (?), and salute.

There is an exterior shot of a church, followed by a sign that reads "Heaton Presbyterian Church."

A sign reads "Visit of the famous Hawick Boys Brigade Pipe Band, 19th April, 1959."

The pipe band marches down a road, followed by the Newcastle Boys Brigade Battalion and the Girls Brigade.

The Hawick Boys try to show locals how to play the bagpipes, with much hilarity.

Title: Boys Brigade Newcastle Battalion - Sports

Boys are running on a race track, in the sack race, resting, the relay race, the sprint, high jump, long jump and other sports, in a sports field surrounded by semi-detached housing. The spire of St George's Parish Church, Jesmond, is visible in the background.

Title: Boys Brigade Newcastle-Upn-Tyne Battalion Sports