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NEFA 19740



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An amateur recording the meeting of the international council of Boys Brigade officers in Newcastle in 1956. Many of the areas featured in the film, including Haymarket and surroundings, no longer exist.

The first section of the film mainly consists of still grabs of the following: general scenes of Newcastle, the Keep, cathedral and other shots around Newcastle, a report on the meeting in the Boys Brigade Gazette, applications arriving at the district office, a portrait of John Chalmers, the North of England district president, the local organising committee, a reception given by the Lord Mayor, and the meeing agenda.

Delegates arrive at the old City Hall in Northumberland Road. The first of the visiting officers pose on steps, possibly at the University. Delegates are shown boarding buses. Inside the university, delegates are leaving one of the group conferences and are then queuing for coffee. They then leave Kings College after lunch.

Title: Assembliing of the annual meeting - can you spot Stanley?
Delegates talk outside City Hall.

Title: The Newcastle Honourary President, Viscount Ruffside, with the District Adjuntant, Norman Stewart.

There is a shot of a press report on the meeting, with photo and headline that reads "Army Chaplin tells Boys Brigade leaders 'Dispel Fears About National Service.' "

Private buses leave for hostels.

The next section of the film records various ranks and regional sections assembling and parading along Claremont Road, and away from the Haymarket.

Title: After the service 3000 North of England District Boys and Officers march past the Brigade President, visiting officers and lifeboy leaders.

Brigade boys and officers march down Northumberland Street, through old Eldon Square, along Blackett Street and back up to the university. Pipes and drums are much in evidence, as are Newcastle trolley buses.

Title: Now For Some Tea
The crowd disperse.

The end of the film shows St Thomas' Church, where the closing service was conducted by Reverend Kenneth Slack.

The Boys Brigade Crest (?) and the legend "An Anchor of the Should Both Sure And Steadfast To The End," appears over a still of the church and delegates of different races shaking hands.