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YFA 2365



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This film is from the Wilkinson collection and contains footage of a family holiday to Bournemouth and the south coast of England. There are shots of many small towns, villages and beach-side resorts, Southsea in Portsmouth as well as a trip to a zoo.

The film opens with a thatched cottage and a busy country road. This is followed by shots taken from a cliff looking down onto a beach and promenade; crowds of men and women walk along the promenade. Down on the beach, the sand is completely covered with people on deckchairs and people swimming in the sea.

In the next section are lingering shots of the promenade and a park with large, colourful flower displays; there are also point of view shots taken from the front of the car. There are brief shots of a harbour with lots of small fishing boats, as well as of a park which is located beside a church.

Following this are scenes from another town and shots of some of the Wilkinson family wandering around. An older couple walk around some ruins and then the shot cuts to three large cruise ships which are docked just off the shore.

The car drives past a sign which reads `Welcome to Southsea' and then there are point of view shots of the car driving along a country road with lots of loose horses running along.

They drive into another town with a small castle-type building and then into the countryside. They pass a sign for `Winterborne Abbas', continue along the country road and eventually come to a harbour full of small boats. There is also a small beach in the harbour and it is full of people.

There is a series of shots of more small towns, beaches full of people, countryside and the coastline. The family walk along a hill which has a huge, spherical, boulder with a map of the world on it. Following this are more shots of towns, the Wilkinson caravan in a camp site and a large cathedral.

The car drives past a sign which reads `City of Wells', and in the distance is a huge cathedral. There are more point of view shots of the car driving through small villages and past food stalls. There is a sign for `Grand Pier, the World's Finest Covered Amusement Park!', more shots of the town, including the hundreds of people walking about the promenade and beach and a panning shot of the coastline.

In the next section are shots of a park with lots of flowers and following that, a zoo. There are shots from a park which has stone gazebos and an exhibition of Japanese sculptures, shelters and water features. There are also large playing cards with images of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

A huge castle overlooks a river with bridges across it; in the castle ground are huge gardens with exotic birds and flowers.

The following places are included in the film:
Beaulieu Abbey
Portsmouth Harbour
New Forest
Lyme Regis
Lulworth Cove
Corfe Castle
West Moors
Cheddar Gorge
Weston Super Mare
Bristol Zoo
Leamington Spa