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NEFA 21275



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An amateur film of a holiday in Bournemouth, Dorset, with trips to Christchurch and the Isle of Wight, shot during August in the 1930s. Footage includes a sequence focusing on women’s beach fashion. This film is part of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) collection.

Title: Bournemouth

An open-topped tram heads straight towards camera on a Bournemouth street. Exterior shots of the Westover Garage and Ice Rink. A policeman directs traffic on a main Bournemouth junction. A group of schoolgirls (?) walk their bikes through the junction. General views follow of traffic moving through the crossroads, a grand corner building and St Peter’s Church.

Title: In the Gardens

Men are playing games of bowls, a small crowd watching from the club house, probably at Meyrick Park. People stroll through The Lower Gardens in Bournemouth. General view of Bobby & Co provincial department store in The Square. More general views of Bournemouth Gardens including visitors playing mini golf, a fountain and sloped gardens.

Title: On the Prom

Panoramic view of the buildings along the seafront promenade, the Undercliff Drive. A man trots another man on a horse quickly past camera. Sands blow across the promenade. A sign points to the Cliff Lift. The up and down cars of the West Cliff Railway pass each other. People stroll by a chair weighing machine, or perhaps a guess-the-weight stall. A man leads a young boy on a seaside donkey. The promenade is full of strolling people.

Title: On the Pier

Visitors stroll on Bournemouth Pier and men fish at the pier end. General view of the beach (out of focus).

Title: Speed boat thrills

A power boat heads out to sea with thrill-seeking passengers. Travelling shots from a speed boat ride are intercut with general views of the boat speeding on the sea.

Title: August Bank Holiday on the Sea Front

The beach is extremely crowded with people. A man takes a photograph of two women in one-piece knitted swimsuits either side of a dapper man in a suit and beret.

Women play leap frog on the beach and people are using a slide down into the sea. A woman poses in a fashionable changing cape. The camera focuses on the changing huts where men and women emerge, smile and pose in their swimsuits. A woman is selling balloons along the promenade.

Title: The sand modeller

A man in a beret is crafting a giant religious sand sculpture.

Title: Beach pyjamas

This sequence captures some of the fashionable women visitors to the Bournemouth beach wearing stylish beach pyjamas, three women in extraordinary matching Batik beach pyjamas. A paddle steamer, possibly the Bournemouth Queen, arrives at the pier. A steamer is also seen leaving the pier.

Title: In and around Christchurch

General views of bridges over the river, quaint streets, Christchurch Priory Church, a mill, and park pond. A car drives through a ford in town. General view of castle ruins looming over a picturesque street of cottages.

A family group have tea outside an ivy-clad restaurant. General view of Christchurch Harbour with Clay Pool. Close-up of swans fed by a girl and boy. Exterior of a castellated building with clock.

Title: Isle of Wight

Travelling shots from a boat heading to the Isle of Wight. A woman reads a newspaper on deck, smiling to camera. General view of a steam ship. The Captain and his officer steer the boat from the bridge. General street view of a steam train passing at the bottom of the hill in a town. Various shots record a park, outdoor café, taxi buses waiting on the seafront, and thatched cottages. A steam ship sails towards camera. Next, there are travelling shots of the Needles. The woman (previously seen) looks out from the boat deck and smiles at the camera.

Title: The End