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YFA 1981



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This film is part of a collection from the Ward family from Malton and spans the years 1936-1942. The films illustrate many aspects of their family life and social activities as well as showing evacuated children spending time in their home in Malton.

Title-Border Terriers


The film opens with a couple of shots of the dog lying on the grass.

Title-Renovita alias Nettle.

Another dog sits on the grass in a garden.

Title-Brock joins in.

Wendy stands in the garden and the two dogs jump at each other and play about at her feet.

Title-Nettle and Puppies May 1937.

There are some shots of the puppies lying on the ground and then a shot of Nettle looking at the camera.

Title-A little later.

In this scene the puppies are older and play fight in the garden. Nettle stands in the garden and barks at them.


The puppies play on a grass tennis court with their mother and one of the puppies pulls at a blanket and chews on it. The following shot is of Heather sitting in an armchair with one of adult dogs on her lap. Then David sits on the armchair with the dog and smiles at the camera. There are close-up shots of the dog and a shot of brother and sister sitting together.

Title-Coronation Celebrations May 1937.

The following shots were taken from along Malton Main Street. Several shop keepers climb onto step ladder to attach flags and bunting to their roofs and walls. There is a long shot looking down the street at the rest of the preparations and there is a shot of one man who has climbed up to the chimney in order to tie the bunting onto it.

In the next scene some people come out of church and pull their coats around their bodies tighter. Then the scene changes to what looks like a charity football match between teams of women in fancy dress.

Title-Well saved!

A very large female goalie jumps onto the mud in order to save the goal.

Title-Scenes in Malton Market.

A huge crowd of men fill one side of the town square while the rest of the square is totally fully of sheep that farmers have brought to sell. The men stand at a fence while a number of sheep are let into the runway and then they are loaded onto trucks once they are sold. The camera moves to show the huge number of sheep all gathered in the middle of the town.

Title-Yorks Farmers Bacon Factory Malton.

The camera is outside of the factory which has a sign which reads `Speed Limit 10 m.p.h.'. The camera pans to capture the entire area of land and the factory buildings.

A truck is parked outside of the factory and a farmer unloads the pigs.

Title-The Electric Stunner.

A clamp comes into the shot and clamps around the head of a pig and it shudders and then stops moving. In the next shot the pig is being hoisted up into the air. It happens again a few more times.

Title-The Scalding Tank and De-Hairer.

Two dead pigs are lowered into a tank and from there a man moves them into another section where they are twirled around and around in a metal drum.

Title-The Singer.

A pig on a hoist is moved into a furnace. The next shot if taken from one end of a train track looking at a large train that is pulling into stop in front of the camera.

Title-Malton UDC Sewage Disposal Scheme.

Title-Main Outfall Sewer Summer 1937.

Four workmen try to roll a large piece of stone piping onto wooden beams and then down some steps in front of a house. It takes more workmen to slowly lower it down the steps. There is a brief shot of one of the men using a pneumatic drill in a pit.

Title-March 1938 Sedimentation Tanks.

Long shot taken from one side of a half-built tank looking across to the other side of the building site.

Title-Filter Beds.

A worker examines the engineering works in the filter beds.

Title-Humus Tanks.

Shot of a cement mixer mixing material.

Title-Final outfall to the river.

Shot of water going into a river.

Title-Butcher Corner and Wheel gate.

Four workmen push and pull a shed on wheels along a road. There is a policeman directing traffic around them and the road has been dug up extensively.

Title-Mr Rose Contractor & Mr Lambert Clerk of Works.

Two men in hats and coats unroll some plans and examine them.

Title-Old Brick Sewer in Wheel gate.

Two workers are down in the ground sawing some planks that make up a section of old sewer. They look up at the camera from their low position.

Title-Howe Bridge March 1937.

There are shots taken from the bridge looking down either side into the river and then the camera pans to shows the flooded lands around the bridge.

Title-Site of Proposed Malton by-pass March 1937.

More shots of the flooded/ area of land.

Title-Old Malton Church.

There is a shot from a distance away looking at the church on the far side of the water.

Title-Crabs pots and culls at Filey.

The camera is on the beach capturing the fishermen cutting open the crab pots, sorting out the boat that has been pulled in from the sea and watching the many seagulls fly down onto the sand to get any leftovers.

Title-At Scarborough Harbour.

Some shots are taken from the pier and then the camera pans around to take in the pier wall, the seagulls and the many boats that have been docked in the harbour.

Title-Birds in the snow.

Shots of the birds on a bird table in the snowy garden and eating from the trees where food has also been hung up.