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YFA 4800



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This film is an extravaganza of footage from the Bootham School archives. As well as Bootham sporting events and celebrations, the film contains footage of York and Scarborough in the late 1920s. The film also includes a short fiction film about a mischievous chap who knocks a man's cap off and is chased (in true slapstick style) through the streets.

The film opens with a toddler in a duffle coat running towards the camera, with the next shot showing his father hoisting him on to the front of a bike as he rides past. A man on a motorised lawn mower rides round a cricket green while other maintenance staff attempt to flatten the bowling surface. Cricketers can be seen warming up, before a panning view shows a large crowd assembled around the edge of the pitch. The sequence closes with snippets from the cricket match and the crowd getting excited.

Title - Bootham moving news. 1928-30. "A York Walk".

Shots show a man with a briefcase and hat walking beneath a tree on the banks of the river Ouse. A shot then shows a more industrial side of the river with steam coming above a wall. A panning view shows Lendal Bridge from below with several boats moored beneath its arch.

Title - York Minster and Bootham Bar.

The Minster stands above Bootham bar as a cyclist rides down the street. Brief views then show a football match followed by a shot of a Bootham school playground.

Title - "The squashed hat" A drama (with several morals).

Title - Careless Cuthbert and his car.

Title - Mr W.B. Morrell.

A short montage captures Mr Morrell (nicknamed careless Cuthbert) driving his car past the camera at various different locations.

Title - Dapper Dan. Mr G.P. Clay.

A man in a black suit and hat walks down a residential street.

Title - Impudent Ike. Mr R.H. Marsh.

Wearing a light trench coat and matching hat, Mr Marsh (impudent Ike), walks up behind Mr Clay (Dapper Dan) and knocks his hat into the street. The hat is run over by a car and Mr Clay chases Mr Marsh through several streets.

Title - Intended for pastries.

A chef in white overalls walks out into the street carrying a tray. Mr Marsh grabs a handful of flour from the tray and throws it over Mr Clay, which causes a fight to break out involving a couple of bystanders.

Title - [Note: very brief] Vanquished.

Several of the men run away, and Mr Clay celebrates triumphantly on the side board of a car before falling over.

Title - The end.

Title - Football & Sports.

A crowd gather on either side to watch male students participate in a long jump competition. Several other events follow which include sprints, discus and high jumps.

Title - [Note: very brief] R.J. Ingham receives senior trophy from [note: last name is illegible]

A woman wearing a thick winter coat and bonnet hands a trophy to the male student and the people in the background applaud.

Title - O.S. match 1929.

This sequence features shots of a football, which some shots played in reverse.

Title - Whitsun Tide. 1929.

Men in white cricket outfits leave a pavilion and head onto a green and brief shots show the match and the crowd.

Title - By tram to the mount.

The camera then crosses Lendal Bridge from an elevated perspective.

Title - Mr & Mrs Arthur Rowntree at tea.

On an outdoor green, the Rowntrees sit at a table and sip tea with another older gentleman.

Title - The play & its audience.

A panning view captures the large seated crowd seated in a clearing surrounded by trees. There are then views of the stage where actors in period costume perform a play.

Title - Sports 1930.

The sequence opens with boys in white shorts and shirts sprinting away from the start line with a crowd gathered around. More events - including long jump, high jump, hurdles - follow, with the final shot showing the trophy presented to the winner.

Title - Kentdale Gazette.

Title - Katja.

A woman tries to throw a ball for a dog that stands around looking uninterested. Shots then show various people with the dog and views of a woman running with it in the snow.

Title - Bernard & his car.

Shots show Bernard wearing a light trench coat and washing his sporty automobile with a hose. The car then drives towards the camera, before a shot shows a close up of a number plate.

Title - Holidays. Nairn 1929.

Title - Including glimpses of Cawdor Castle.

Title - & Dulcie Bridge.

The car we saw previous being washed leaves a garage and drives away with a woman waving goodbye.

Title - Durham.

A man in a jacket and hat stands beside a group of pillars.

Title - A drink on the Moors.
[Note: Tinged with colour] Brief shot captures the driver sitting on his car having a cup of tea.

Title - Puncture at Edinburgh.

The driver attends to one of the rear wheels.

Title - Arrival at Nairn.

The car enters a driveway and is greeted by several people waving from the entrance. Shots show the group walking round Cawdor Castle and playing golf.

Title - Dulcie Bridge.

Shots show water rushing beneath Dulcie Bridge. The final shot shows a man looking down at the river from a stone wall.

Title - The end.

Title - Scarborough 1930.

Shots then show a mixed doubles games of tennis. Smartly dressed men and women stand outside a house; some pose beside their motorcars.

Title - & home.

A man with rolled up trouser takes a (golf) putt in his garden, while his wife, wearing a long, flowing dress, watches. The man then lights a pipe close to the camera.

Title - Visit to St. Wendelin's.

Three men and a woman, all of whom are smartly attired, sit in wickers chairs in a garden. There is then a brief a shot of people in chairs watching a cricket match, and a new batter walks past the camera and onto the pitch. The final shot shows a wife picking flowers in a garden, and her husband walks over and smells them.