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YFA 537



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Part of the Pashley Collection, this film is a record of Bonfire Night preparations and celebrations at Kellet Road in Leeds, 1963. All the neighbours from the street have come out to join in the celebrations.

The film opens with a man and two children walking out of their drive and down the street. Two men are in the back garden, and one is carrying a wooden ladder. He props it up against the tree, climbs the ladder and with a small saw, cuts down some of the branches. Then, with the help of his friend, the two men cut down the whole tree. Three children who are also in the back garden help to move parts of the tree. Other neighbourhood children also come to help. They drag the braches down the street towards the open field. Two men then carry a wheelbarrow full of scrap wood to be used to make the bonfire. They wheel it down the road. The bonfire has already started to take structure in the field.

Now dark, the bonfire is lit, and its large flames can be seen. Colourful fireworks also light up the night sky, and all the residents of the street, young and old, can be seen gathered around the bonfire in celebration. Some of the children play with sparklers, and the neighbourhood women tend to refreshments. There is lots of footage of the bonfire and fireworks, and many times the spectators can be seen.

Plates of food have been set out, and the neighbours can be seen seated together on a small wall enjoying their plate of food. One of the mothers feeds her young child who is seated in a pram. Following this is more footage of the bonfire and children playing with sparklers. The night comes to a close many different colour fireworks being set off.

The next day, the bonfire site is a pile of ash, and remnants of the fireworks are scattered all over the ground. The film closes with two of the neighbourhood children helping to sweep up the mess.

Title - The End.