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YFA 3872



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Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated all over the country with bonfire and firework displays. This film documents come of the celebrations which take place on Bonfire Night in Driffield, East Yorkshire.

The film opens with a calendar which has been laid out on the table. Someone uses a pen to circle the 5th of the month. A firework is let off on the ground, and several Katherine Wheels spin around. A small bonfire is burning on the ground inside a metal frame. A silhouetted figure stands near to where the fireworks are burning on the ground. A man places more wood on the bonfire, and more fireworks are let off from the ground as an effigy of Guy Fawkes burns on the bonfire. Several fireworks are set off, some shooting, crackling, spinning and others sparkling. The film closes with the used shells of fireworks which are laid all over the ground.