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YFA 5003



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Made by Dennis Leather, a member of Vixen Films and Stocksbridge Cine Club, this is a film of Bolsterstone Church Royal Wedding Celebrations.  The film is accompanied by a soundtrack of an accordion and a brass band.

The film begins showing villagers having picnics in a field on a sunny day, with some film speeded up.   Even the First Aid worker is laid out on the grass.  Many are wearing red, white, and blue hats.  Adults and children hold hands and walk around in a circle.  Many children have balloons and silly hats.  The small children have a race, while others are on the swings and some girls have several skipping races.  The boys also have a skipping race, followed by sack races, which the adults also have, and then two-legged races.  Then the women have skipping races, followed by men and women two-legged races and ‘wheelbarrow’ races. There is then a mass game of football, filmed speeded up.  This is followed by some country dancing with adults and children dancing together.  They do the conga.  The vicar and a woman lead some more country dancing to the sound of The Liberty Bell. Then there is the Hokey Cokey and the film comes to an end.