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YFA 1102



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This film is an advertisement for the Bolex H16 cine camera. The ad campaign uses a comedic actor to demonstrate the camera's different features. The film also includes narration and flashing captions for Bolex Paillard.

The film begins showing someone receiving a university degree, and then someone threading film through a Bolex camera. This if followed by a scene of police controlling traffic in several different countries. The narrator explains that the Bolex has seven filming speeds from 12 fps to 64 fps, and as an example, divers are filmed at different running speeds. There are also various lenses available that can be used and provide more precision. A man demonstrates the lenses showing some wildlife birds in close-up. The Bolex H16 is on a tripod set up to film a flower in bloom. A butterfly is then on this flower.

The man then places the camera in an underwater housing unit and demonstrates filming fish underwater. The Bolex tripod has a ball head allowing for movement in all directions. Then the matte box is demonstrated with several different masks (for framing shots.) A 400 foot film magazine is fitted and removed. Then the pilot tone generator is shown before showing film of huskies in the snow and film of Africa. In the factory, a technician examines a camera, and the film comes to an abrupt end.