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YFA 809



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This film is part of the Kathleen Lockwood collection and shows the inside of a church bell tower and a practice session with bell ringers.

Title-The Holmfirth Camera Club presents...

Title-Bobs and Singles

Title-Produced by K.M. Lockwood

R. Bates

And R.P. Armitage

Title-In Association with

Title-The Archdeaconry of Halifax Guild of Church bell ringers.

The film opens with shots of the church in Holmfirth. A man gives a tour of the bells and explains how the bells ring. The voiceover gives a brief history of how the bells have been changed over the years. The voiceover also thanks the clergy for letting the film club in to see how the bell ringing works.

A man comes into the belfry and starts to prepare for the bell ringing session. He examines the ropes for wear before climbing further up into the tower and entering the chamber where he checks nuts, bolts and various other sections that hold the bells in place.

A close up shows one of the bells with a casting relief that reads `Cast 1786. Recast 1934'. The voiceover describes the different types of bells that are visible such as a tenor bell; there are also brief shots of the ropes and wheels that help the bells to spin.

The next shots are taken from outside the church as the ringers enter the Belfry. The men and women go in through the door and up the stairs.

Once inside the bell ringers take their places and then start bell-ringing before the film cuts to show the bells swing in the bell tower. The voiceover says that it is energetic and strenuous at the start until the bells are swinging and have their own momentum.

In the next section are shots of the diagram which tells the bell ringers what way to ring the bells. This is followed by more shots of the ringers and the bells. An extensive sequence then shows part of their practice session. A board on the wall tells of `the peel on New Year's Eve 1844'.

This is followed by shots of stills of some prize winning ringers from years before. The film closes with a lingering view of the bell ringers pulling the ropes.

Title-The End.