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YFA 1551



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This film documents a wedding in the late 1920s as well as additional family scenes with members of the Arnett family.

The film opens with a man in a top hat and brides maids gathering outside of the church with other wedding guests. The newlyweds exit the church, and as they do so, the guests throw rice at them in celebration. The wedding party poses for pictures, and the wedding reception follows. The reception takes place outside where tents are set up.

The next portion of the film is made up of various family scenes. There is a dog on the beach and a little boy playing in the garden. Later in the year there are people ice skating. Some of the skaters are not that graceful and fall down. There are also people fooling around on sleds and they race down the snowy hill.

Next is motorbike racing, and the children take turns riding on a smaller bike, seated in front with dad driving.

There are school children gathered around in a circle drinking cups of tea out of what appears to be a real china tea set as well as eating small tea sandwiches. The chaperones of the school children are gathered around a larger table and do the same.

The film closes with a race down the hill, and more scenes of motorcycles.