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YFA 523



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a tour he and his wife Grace took of Yugoslavia, starting at Salzburg before visiting Dubrovnik and islands on the Adriatic.

Title - Blue Skies Over Yugoslavia

The film opens with a map of Europe showing the route that will be taken on the tour.

Intertitle - London Airport bound for Salzburg

They film various aspects of London Airport (Heathrow), including a bus, 'British Airline Travels', the departure lounge and the control tower. Grace walks along a gangway and they board the airplane. The film shows the inside of the plane, including the cockpit. They land at their destination, passing through customs.

They tour the streets of Salzburg showing the shops, pigeons feeding in a square and examples of the architecture. In the city square a band plays, with people in traditional dress. Musical instruments are displayed in a shop window. They walk around gardens and fountains, before taking a rail ride up to the fortress where they have a panoramic view of the city.

Intertitle - By train to Bled

They board a train and film the journey through the mountains, passing Abtenau.

Intertitle - Morning sunshine on Lake Bled

They film the lake, focusing on the reflections in the water. They take a trip on a gondola and later look down onto a swimming pool. Grace takes a chair lift up a hill to some ruins. They walk along a wooden walkway through a narrow canyon.

Intertitle - Lake Bohinj in the Julian Alps

There is a sign post for 'Savica', seven miles away. There is a waterfall, with the sun shining on the river. Grace holds an umbrella as clouds come over the village nestling in the valley.

Intertitle - By train to Opatija on the Adriatic

They are at a crowded train railway station where the 'Dalmatian Express' waits. They film the train journey, including the restaurant car, and arrive at the lake. A ship, the 'Partizanka', is docked on the waterside. They walk around the town observing locals selling jewellery and crafts. They film a restaurant from their hotel balcony. By the sea people are diving in off the rocks. Three women stand on bollards taking photos out to sea. They visit the village of Moscenice and film the surrounding area and wildlife, including a large cricket. Villagers sit around in the sun. One person is snorkelling in the sea. They visit a war memorial. On a beach fishermen are laying out their nets to dry, while others are sunbathing and swimming.

Intertitle - Let's cross to the Island of the KRK

There is a busy harbour from where they take a boat journey. Some people sunbath on the boat, and there is more snorkelling. There is close up film of the waves.

Intertitle - Next morning we catch the boat at Rijeka for Split

They take the boat, Aleska Santic, and then they again show their journey on a map. Passengers relax on deckchairs in the boat. Grace struggles to put up an umbrella to shade herself from the sun.

Intertitle - Zadar

They film the crowded harbour as they come into port. A tugboat passes filled with hay, along with other sailing boats.

Intertitle - Biograd

A similar scene is again filmed on a hot day with someone asleep on a cart being pulled through the crowds. People wave to the boat as it departs.

Intertitle - The Emperor Diocletion built a palace nearly 200 yards square in Split in the 3rd century

Grace sits in a restaurant near a busy street where vendors are selling fruit. They tour the area looking at the architecture.

Intertitle - Through the ruins of Solin to Trogir with 22 centuries of history in its buildings

They tour the ruins and local area, and later, in the town, a group of men play boules.

Intertitle - Early in the morning we leave Split for Dubrovnik

The next stage of the trip is shown on a map, before again there is a busy harbour.

Intertitle - Hsarkarska for a climbing holiday by the sea

There are large stone hills behind a village, and they set off on a boat trip along the coast.

Intertitle - Korcula

They arrive at the island of Korcula, with passengers getting on and off, and some fishing.

Intertitle - The modern port of Dubrovnik gives no hint of the ancient city over the headland

They film over the rooftops of the city and the castle walls.

Intertitle - The bus at Montenegro through Ketor, Centinje and Budva

Again the next stage of the journey is indicated on the map. They take a bus to the ferry filming the street scenes and landscape. Up on top of the peaks they look down on the valley before they re-board the bus.

Intertitle - The market in the old city starts about 5am

Traders get ready in the market, with lots of donkeys.

Intertitle - It is a memorable experience to explore the ancient Ragusa (now Dubrovnik) which gave its name to the Argoses which brought such riches to this city in the 14th century

Grace and the holiday group tour the city, with washing draped across the streets. They visit an old church, showing the stained glass window. Down by the harbour fishermen mend their nets and some play water polo in the sea. There are locals in traditional dress, donkeys carrying goods on baskets and farmers with their farm animals.

Intertitle - Homeward bound

They sail from the harbour, before taking a train along the coast.

Intertitle - Hvar

They get waved off as they take their boat, Proletarka-Split'. At Hvar they show the toe of the statue of Gregory of Nin. Children are playing in the streets and a woman spins wool by hand. There is a sunset.

Intertitle - cloud Mountains higher than the Alps

The journey by plane is filmed looking down on the clouds and mountains.

Intertitle - Homeward bound we run into a storm

More clouds are seen from the plane journey.

Intertitle - "I think I'm being followed"

Grace is followed by a donkey and a foal as she walks up a mountain path. The film closes with another sunset.

The End