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Made by inspector Jowett of the Humberside Police, this film is one of many road safety features highlighting the danger on the roads now that traffic had greatly increased. It displays how both pedestrians and drivers need to be more aware of the road. The story is told through a fictional narrative to show the public the new dangers on the road. The promotion of road safety through a cautionary tale was a very popular method of training both the police and the public.

The first shots are taken from above looking down onto a pedestrian crossing. Many cars drive along the road and one woman crosses on the pedestrian crossing.

Title-Blind Crossing.

Title-Story by Leonora Jacketts.

The film starts with a woman waiting for her husband outside of some prison gates. We see the husband on the other side of the gate being let out by a policeman. The voice over says that this couple could never have imagined this situation, but tragedy struck. The couple are reunited outside on the street and walk off down the road. The man spots a blind man trying to cross the road and helps him across. The voice over mentions what happened that fateful day and at the same time there are shots of the pages of a calendar being flipped backwards in time.

In the next scene the audience is transported back several months to the couple's kitchen where the wife is preparing breakfast for her family. It is their daughter's birthday so she opens birthday presents, cards and gets a new bike from her parents. The brother goes off to work on his motor bike and drives carefully, while the father goes to work in his car but is not careful.

The daughter cycles to school with her friends and this is followed by a tracking shot of the brother going to work on his motor bike; he signals correctly and stops at pedestrian crossings. Here the film also captures the trolley buses and streets of Hull.

The father parks in a car park and walks to work. The following shots are of the father at work in his office, of the safety office at their daughter's school and their son on his way home on his motor bike.

Father is delayed in work and when he eventually leaves, he is in a rush to get home for tea. The voice over comments on every bad driving mistake that he makes.

A blind man is crossing a pedestrian crossing and the father knocks him down. The victim dies and the man has to go to court where he is given a six month sentence for dangerous driving.

Title-Character: Beth Reed-E. Scrivener, Harry Reed- G. Cullington, Mary Reed-A. Anderson, John Reed-M. Parks and other players.

Title-Produced and Directed by Inspector T. Middleyard and Detective Sergeant W. Jacketts.

Title-Photography by Detective Sergeant W. Jacketts.

Title-The Road Safety (special) Committee thanks everyone who has assisted in the production of this film.

Title-The End.