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This is a documentary on the work of a project, called ‘Making Waves’ by Blaize community Arts Company in the village of Staithes.  The film was made by Yorvid Productions as part of the Yorkshire Media Consortium project.  Making Waves included involving the community in a photography project and in putting on a performance of song and dance.

Yorvid Productions Presents – Blaize at Staithes

The film begins with a view over Staithes as the background to the title.  There is a sign for ‘Staithes, Captain Cook’s Village - 1745’.   This is followed by an intertitle, “Making Waves”, with a group singing in the background.  In a school room children are busy making some scenery, helped by teachers.  Mike Bettison, the artistic director of Blaize, explains that they are in Staithes running a workshop based project for three weeks.  The first part is a photography project with Val Carmen.  Staithes resident Eileen Wright introduces herself, relating her work on Staithes genealogy and with a local history group.  Eileen recounts some of the history of the village, fishing and building boats, and explains that she is also the souvenir secretary for the Lifeboat, which we are shown.  Another long-time resident, American Lindsay Wood, explains that she likes living in Staithes because it is such a visually stimulating place; perfect for the art that she produces.  Lindsay states that much of the social life revolves around the pubs, one of which she used to work in, and that it is a very relaxing place to come for a holiday.

Val Carmen addresses those who have come along for the photography project, asking for hands up for those wishing to take photos, and lots of hands go up.  She then sets off for Middlesbrough to buy equipment.  They pass the potash mine, with her and her driver providing information on potash and the mine.  They buy the instant cameras and film in Boots, with whom they have negotiated a sponsorship deal.   Eileen and Lindsay go out with their cameras.  Mike Bettison states that the exhibition will be at Trig Point 49, which is half way up the steep hill in the village, hopefully encouraging those from the top of the hill to come along.  Ruth, who runs the centre, gives an account of the many activities that are run from there.  They mount the photography exhibition, and we see some of the exhibits, mainly of the locals.

Mike Bettison shows where the evening performance is going to be.  In the local school children and adults rehearse the show.  They then make their way down to the harbour performing along the way.  The evening begins with school girls doing a dance routine on the stage overlooking the sea.  This is followed by a shadow puppet show to the tune of Ringo Starr’s song Octopus's Garden, and then a sea shanty followed by a comic song and finishing with a fireworks display.  Mike Bettison summarizes the event and some of the participants give their views on how the project went.
After the credits, Eileen Wright recounts that Yorkshire Archives come to show a video thinking that it was 1971 but was in fact 1961, showing her father before he died.

With thanks to:
Barbara Agar, Richard Agar, Kirsty Allder, Jane Armstrong, Sophie Barwick, Sean Baxter, Pete Bayleaf, Sue Bell, Tim Bell, Mike Bettison, Brian Butcher, Val Carman, Katrina Moffat, Roberta Moffat, Aline Price, Abbey Sizer, Chloe Sizer, Geraldine Sharrock, Donna Shaw, Sheila Sloan, Ellen Thorpe, Gloria Wilson, Jack Wood, Lindsay Wood, Jim Woodland, Eileen Wright, James Wright, The Methodist School Room, Trig Point 49, Staithes Fishermen’s Choir, Blaize and the people of Staithes.
Equipment and facilities – Blue Frog Studios
Director – Shaun Bradley
Producer – Rebecca Quatermaine
Editors – Shaun Bradley & Rebecca Quatermaine
Executive Producer – John Phillips
Yorvid Ltd Copyright  2000