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YFA 4205



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This film is from a collection of films made by Leeds based filmmaker Jack Goldberg. The collection consists of footage from family holidays, weddings, family food shop in Leeds, and family activities. As the family are Jewish, there are a lot of interesting insights into the family traditions, foods and religious customs. This film contains footage from a trip to Blackpool and two Jewish family weddings.

Film opens with a woman outside with a baby in her arms.

The following shots are full of lights and illuminated signs for `Carlton Hotel', `Claremont Hotel', and the Blackpool Tower in Blackpool. The next shots are from the Blackpool Tower by day and include trips up and down the tower. The beach, roofs of buildings, traffic, fun fair, sea and pier are all visible in the background and from a great height.

Edith Goldberg is on a pier; the sea is very rough.

A marching band comes down the main road and a procession of people stop at a monument. A Mayor and another woman lead the procession and then the Mayor put a wreath at the base of the monument.

Shot of a Britania Airways aeroplane on a runway. Lynne is on the tarmac walking over to board the aeroplane. The camera is in the airport taking shots as she heads up the steps.

The `Manchester Airport' sign can be seen on the main building as the aeroplane takes off.

Title-The Wedding

Title-Starring Jacqueline Freeman and David Graham.

Title-Introducing Malcolm Goldberg and full supporting cast.

Title-Southport, July 1975

Several women from the bridal party are helped out of a large car by the driver; the bride is helped out of another car and is walked up to the door of the synagogue. As she waits to enter the building her veil falls off.

The shots from inside the synagogue show the layout of the building as the camera is up on a balcony. The couple are under an awning surrounded by people. The groom stamps on a glass to conclude the wedding ceremony; he is wearing a tallit, a Jewish prayer shawl. The married couple leave the synagogue and pose outside for photographs.

The next shots are from the reception and show the long tables dressed and ready for the guests. They mill about helping themselves to buffet food and posing for the camera.

The married couple enter the room and the guests stand up and raise their glasses to them. Some men make speeches and then there is a shot of the couple outside the building. The bridal party get into a large car and drive away. Then the married couple drive off in a convertible.

Title-Two weeks later

Title-Vanessa and Colin take the plunge

Shot of a wedding invitation.

Guests are arriving in through the gates of a venue; a red carpet has been laid out along the driveway.

Two large cars arrive with the bridal party. The bride walks up to the building while her mother carries the train of her dress. After the ceremony the married couple exit the synagogue and smile; Colin kisses Vanessa.

Title-After the Chuppa

Title-Reception and dinner

Title-Dancing till Midnight

The wedding guests dance and the band members are visible on stage.

Title-We wish both our young couples Mazel Tov and best wishes for the future.