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YFA 489



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This is a film taken while on holidays in Blackpool. It captures the variety of activities and amenities available in the area including swimming, roller skating, cafes and public parks.

The film opens with footage of a busy beach full of holiday makers. Crowds of people walk along the promenade and drive along the sea road in cars and buses. A person dressed up a Mickey Mouse and on roller skates, skates up to the camera and holds a sign up.

Crowds are wandering in a sunny public garden; there are landscaped flowerbeds, neat paths and statues. The family sit beside the large pond, while behind them, a stone gazebo and walkway is visible. There are lingering shots of the numerous, colourful flowers.

In the next shot there is a lake with small, row boats on it and people in them. Then there are two women, a man and the boy eating ice cream wafers and smiling at the camera. One of the women offers her wafer to the camera.

The next shot takes in the entire Blackpool seafront including: buildings, promenade, crowds of people and the seating area which overlooks the open air baths. There are hundreds of deck chairs set up for people, tall, ornate lamp posts and some caf?s in the seating area.

A man sits at an outdoor table and eats a bowl of ice cream. He looks at the camera. The next shot is of a well-maintained garden with statues, hedges and paths and people wander around; the `Imperial Hotel' is visible in the background. The family pose in different parts of the gardens. There is a brief shot of the woman standing with a parasol and smiling at the camera. The man from the previous scene is walking towards the camera with his shirt half open. He tries to light a cigarette.

The family are in the Blackpool open air baths; they sit at the side of the water and pose for the camera. The man dives into the pool from the edge and then some people dive into the pool from the dive boards. Over the walls of the bath, the rest of Blackpool is visible. A woman and two young girls stand under the water coming out of a fountain; they laugh.

In the next scene the man is in a garden looking at a sun dial. He compares his watch to it and talks to the camera. A woman helps two elderly women across a miniature bridge in the garden and then the shot changes to the woman having tea in a garden and smiling at the camera behind her.

Back at the baths, several men dive into the pool at the same time, and then they walk along the side of the pool smiling and waving at the camera. The final shot is of people coming down the water slide and into the water.