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YFA 488



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This film contains footage of a family holiday to Blackpool including shots of the amusements, the beach, Blackpool tower and a parade.

The film opens with shots of Blackpool Tower and crowds walking along the seafront. A speedboat appears along a river in the direction of the camera. There is footage of a water slide and a flying ship merry-go-round. This is followed by shots of the roller coaster on Pleasure Beach and the lake with the row boats.

The next shot is taken from up high looking down onto the beach; it is crowded with people and deck chairs. There are brief shots of a man diving from a diving board into water and a woman asleep on a deckchair.

Shot looking down a main street along the tram tracks and then it moves to the right to include a shot of gardens.

A young boy sits on the sand with a man who is most likely his father. They smile at the camera as they have a picnic.

Shots of fast flowing water pouring into a gully. This is followed by shots of abbey ruins and people sitting on the grass beside the river. A man and young boy pose in front of the ruins.

The next shots are of a parade; a band and women in white dresses ride horses down a road. There are shot of floats with women, carts and people in costumes marching along.

A man stands in a field beside a huge hay stack. A boy climbs up a ladder on the hay stack. Next some young boys and adults playing cricket in a back garden. There is a brief shot of some men playing lawn bowls.