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YFA 490



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This film documents various events through the seasons including winter landscapes, family gatherings, and zoo animals.

The film opens with a snowy landscape; fields, bridges, trees and huts covered in snow. A woman and her son walk over a bridge towards the camera and smile. They continue walking along a snowy path.

There is a brief shot of a toddler playing ball with an unseen woman followed by a shot of a young boy and three women sitting under a gazebo. A man comes along and joins them. There are also brief shots of a puppy in a garden and a swan on a lake.

A car is parked at an entrance to grounds of a building in the countryside. On the wall beside the car is a sign which reads `Teas'. This shot is followed by brief shots of sheep, the surrounding hill and the lake and then back to the car again.

A Blackpool tram is lit up with lights and the words `Seasons Greeting' and drives down a road at night. Crowds walk up and down the promenade in Blackpool and the family are among them. They have a little dog. The woman and her son stand beside the sea wall so that they waves spray them. Some of the others do too and they all laugh. One of the men stands beside the wall again and this time a huge wave hits the ways and he gets very wet. He walks away shaking his coat out.

The family visit Blackpool open air baths; the place is crowded with bathers. A large, inflatable ball is in the water and some men try to climb up onto it. There are people diving off the high diving boards and some people just sit in small row boats in the water. Up along the top of the bath area are viewing balconies and people sit in deck chairs and watch the goings-on below.

The grandmother, mother and son stand beside a wall and pose. They are surrounded by people walking back and forth.

The pool side is extremely crowded; people go down water slides, dive into the water and walk along the edge of the baths.

Some women are in a sunny garden joking about with a woman in a bathing suit. They hold her legs in the air and try to get her to handstand; she falls over. Following this is a scene on the beach with the family members in a row, with their hands on each other's shoulders. They march around in a line. Two men have a boy each on their back; they have piggy back fights and then they have wheel barrow races which include most of the group of adults and children. A woman and her son dry themselves off on the beach as they talk to the camera.

There are more shots of illuminated buildings including a large building with `Casino Caf?' on the side of it and the `Pleasure Beach' signs.

The final shots are taken in an amusement park. They comprise footage from a zoo with seals, camels, polar bears and a buffalo as well as a roller coaster and mini boat rides.