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YFA 492



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This film contains footage of a trip to Blackpool including the Public Gardens, the beach, and New Brighton light house.

The film opens with a brief shot of a group of people down on the beach riding ponies.

Three young girls stand in a doorway and joke around; they push each other, laugh and hop about on the door step. There is a lingering shot of them standing still on the door step and grinning at the camera.

Some adults and a young boy stand outside a building with signs outside which read `Lunn' and `Mar Cyn Norimar'. Some more people join them from inside, and they smile and wave at the camera. Two men pick up two of the boys by their elbows, and then they do the same to two women.

A group of men and women stand on a doorstep looking at something off to the left of screen and a couple smile at the camera. The woman makes a face at the camera and this is followed by a brief shot of a woman sitting on a bench.

A young girl goes back and forth on a swing, and then her father has a go on the swing. The father, mother, young girl and other children pose in the garden; the two boys have a play fight. The mother and father both have a go on the swing, and then the little girl is pushed on her tricycle by her father. She stops and grins at the camera, and she then gets stuck in the grass and is pushed by one of the boys. The father stands on the swing and swings high.

Two women are on a beach fully clothed and sheltered under a parasol. In the next shot there are two women and a man in their bathing suits and they play about on the sand.

There is a brief shot of what appears to be a plane in the sky. Back on the beach and the younger woman with the parasol smiles and talks to the camera. Following this the woman and another woman, a man and the young boy walk across the wet sand; the women are wearing dresses and heels and try to hop from one dry spot to another. As the tide has gone out the little group are able to walk out quite far on the sand; New Brighton lighthouse is just behind them.

There is a shot from high up looking down to the sea; a large cruise ship sails along the coast. The four of them are having picnic under some trees, and they smile at the camera.

A man and woman walk along the shopping street and towards the camera.

In the next shot there are several people in the sea trying to swim, but the waves are very strong. They paddle around and jump up and down in the waves. Back on the beach a young boy digs in the sand; a man throws a ball and it bounces off away from him. He then picks up the young boy and puts him into the hole in the sand. Twin girls and a boy run around on the sand; the twins do gymnastics on the sand including cartwheels, walking like a crab, and handstands.

A woman is in the sea on her knees and her son is beside her. She lets big waves crash over her. Following this are shots of a group of the people doing stretches on the beach.

In the next scene the woman and her son walk along the promenade play wrestling; the man tries to stop them. Then the man and woman catch the boy by the arms and legs and pretend to throw him over the sea wall into the sea.

The woman runs towards the camera with a handful of ice-cream wafers and the following shot takes in the seafront, the main road, the cafes, the trams, the picture house and the Blackpool Tower.

The final shots are of the Public Gardens, an airfield with planes driving along and a large church with a graveyard to the side of it.