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NEFA 22324



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An amateur film produced by Chris Anderson of a football match between Bishop Auckland Football Club and Preston North End taking place at Bishop Auckland on the 14th December 1974.  Preston North End won the game 2-0.

The film opens on a Scottish marching band performing for the crowds at Bishop Auckland football grounds. The Bishop Auckland team in Cambridge and Oxford Blues come out onto the pitch followed by Preston North End in white. The referee looks at his watch and the games gets underway with large crowds watching from the stands. Both sides take possession of the ball which is seen being kicked at the Bishop Auckland goal. A  Bishop Auckland player tackles a Preston North End player near to the camera. More views of the match and the Preston North End goal-keeper dives for the ball which almost goes into the net.

The film fades to show the Preston North End goal-keeper kicking the ball away. Another play for the goal by a Bishop Auckland player. The game continues at the other end of the pitch with a Preston North End player attempting to head the ball into the net, he misses. The ball lands just in front of the camera and a Preston North End player prevents the Bishop Auckland player from taking the ball passing it to one of his colleagues.

The first half comes to an end and the players leave the pitch. Supporters standing along the touchline clapping and waving their arms in the air, the policeman walking along the lines smiles. The games gets underway again and the film ends with Preston North End scoring a goal.