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YFA 2664



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Birthday Special was made by members of the Doncaster Cine Club and features guests of all generations enjoying themselves at this celebration. This film documents a birthday party held at a hall, and festivities include a meal, dancing and a raffle.

Title - Birthday Special.

In a hall, a woman in a silver dress sits by a table holding a painting of a flower. There is then a close up of birthday card with many messengers written in it. The woman in the silver dress (presumably the birthday girl) is then whirled around the dance floor by a man in a grey sweater.

Close up of the birthday cake, other treats, cards follow. The party is then captured sitting down at a very long table to have tea, cake and sandwiches, while a man walks around pouring tea. The filmmaker captures many shots of people enjoying the meal. The birthday girl then cuts her cake, and a toast is made with everyone raising their glasses.

A little girl pulls a raffle ticket from a hat that a man wearing a dark suit holds out for her. A close up of the raffle ticket shows the number before a shot shows the suited man giving the birthday girl a small amount of change. A man then swigs from a bottle and another man laughs while pouring a glass of beer. A young girl dances on the dance floor and women drink small glasses of assorted liqueurs.

This is followed by more dancing; women in colourful dresses and men in suits and ties waltz around hall. A young girl and boy also captured dancing together. The next passage shows people enjoying themselves and generally having a good time at the party; drinks are poured while others dance merrily. The final sequence shows people taking wrapped pieces of cake as they put on coats and gloves and prepare to leave.

Title - The end.