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YFA 4981



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This is one of a collection of promotional films made by the large crane manufacturers, Priestman Brothers of Hull.  This film focuses on the Lion range of products, with narration by Richard Baker.

The film begins with examples of rotating machinery, such as windmills and the propellers of airplanes, as the camera looks down onto the Hull factory from an aircraft.   The narration is then taken over by the gate security guard as a crane is taken out of the factory on a lorry.  The guard provides an informative tour of the works, explaining the production process as we see employees at work.  The camera passes over the machine shop, as we see each stage of the production process of the Lion, and each part of the engine, drive, clutch are shown being put together.

Then, with Richard Baker commenting, the design and research team is working on drawings.  This is followed by parts being transported around the assembly plant.  A Lion III leaves the factory and the prototype gets tested on the ‘conquer’ tester.  It then shows in detail the slewer rings.  The crawlers are then tested on sand and swamp conditions.  The Lion is then seen at work in a quarry.  Richard Baker goes through the qualities and uses of the Lion, including having a 100 foot boom extension, and a shovel attachment, shown working at an open cast coal mine.

Next there is a flooded train station, with a steam loco passing through, as an illustration of flooded conditions.  A Lion is then demonstrated, dredging the River Seven, with Richard Baker explaining its different aspects.  It is then shown at work in Sweden.  Back at the factory there is a view over the docks from the offices windows. Shipments are then shown being loaded onto ships in the docks.  Then we see the London depot of the Priestman After Sales Service, with a routemaster bus passing and a plane taking off from London Airport.  Richard Baker sums up as the film reviews what it has covered.

Title – Film produced by Tom Daley, John Ward, Nevill Keeling, Erika Hellfritsch
Drayton Film Production Ltd., London
The End