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YFA 1415



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This is an amateur nature film of some species of British birds and their nests; showing their eggs, hatchlings and fledglings.

Title - Birds and their Nests
A Nature Film by Albert R. Smith

The film begins in winter showing crows nests in trees. Five white speckled brown eggs are shown close up in a nest, possibly the eggs of house sparrows. A crow is perched on rooftop, near some stones where there are five blue eggs in a nest. A wren is perched in a tree. In a bush there is a nest with four blue eggs. The same nest is shown later, now with three of the eggs having hatched, with the hatchlings crying for food. They are shown again as fledglings. There are four whitish eggs in a nest, again shown later having hatched. There is a nest in a tree and a man holding a fledgling. A robin sits perched on a building and then seen in a hedge. There is another nest with some newly hatched chicks. There are more nests shown: one set in a pipe in a wall, another in a rusty kettle, one in an old farmer's box, one in hay, and one in old farm machinery.

A tiny egg is shown on a teaspoon. A bird with a white front and neck, and grey wings and neck, and a blue patch on the crown, is feeding its young in a nest set in a gatepost. The same species has built a nest in an old water pump. There is another nest on the timber supports of a roof, and in some green shrubbery. Six small white eggs are held in the hand of a man. Swifts fly off a telegraph wire. The side of a rock face being used as nests in the crevices. A nest is seen in a farm building, and there is a swan nest next on a river bed, with a swan sat on its eggs. A black bird with a red beak and white spots on its wings walks across a field. A nest in a tree has eight eggs, again possibly those of a house sparrow. Another nest also has eight eggs (white) tucked away in the reeds by a river.

A man holds several fledglings in his hand. A bird, possibly a sparrow hawk, hovers over some fields with the Wolds behind. Three brown speckled eggs are in a nest on the ground. There is a group of grouse in a field and a nest in the long grass. This is followed by the new-born running around the ground. Out on Bempton Cliffs seabirds are nesting on the cliffs. There are many kittiwakes and guillemots, with close ups of some of the eggs. Another nest with birds and eggs is shown before after being hatched. A baby barn owl sits in a tree. A cat has found the nest seen earlier on the roof. A schoolboy dressed in a smart blue blazer, tie and shorts spots a nest in a hedge and waves to the camera. He is joined by two similarly aged girls, both dressed the same. A collection of bird eggs is shown.

Title - The End