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YFA 2161



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This short film shows members of the Bingley Angling Club fishing on a canal in West Yorkshire on a cold Sunday, and also Greyhound racing at Greatfield Stadium.

The film opens with a little boy who is fixing his fishing rod. Nearby are a group of men who get their rods and tackle ready to go. Snow can be seen on the hilly landscape in the background.

Title - Bingley Angling Club 1950

A fisherman walks past the camera, and members of the Angling Club, standing with their fishing rods and bags, pose for the camera. They are all dressed in in warm clothing and wearing hats. They make their way to the river.

Intertitle - A Sunday on the Canal

Greyhound dogs are led out onto the track and put into their traps at Greatfield Stadium dog track. At the end of the race, four men in white coats lead the dogs off. There is then another race, with the lure (false hare) being set off. The winning dogs are paraded at the end. The film ends with one last race.