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This is a video produced to commemorate the Bilsdale Centenary Show which took place at Thornhill-Chopgate on the 26th August, 1995.  Interviews with those involved take the place of a commentary.  It is filmed by Alan Tinley and Ted Parker of ATV productions, Middleton-in-Teesdale.

The opening scenes are of various scenes of the Dales. There is serene background music.  This cuts to an interview with three generations of a Bilsdale farming family.  They talk about their particular participation in the annual show.

There are scenes of the show being set-up.  First, in the flower tent, there is a brief interview with the lady-participant.  Cut to shots of rabbits on show, a cockerel, sweet and cake stalls and the craft tent.  There is a brief interview with the chairman of the Bilsdale Agricultural Society - Ruby Garbutt.  Garbutt explains the first show took place in 1895, but with the show not taking place during the war years, it is not actually the hundredth show.  The theme for the show is the Victorian era, and people are invited to dress accordingly in Victorian costume (like she has done).  Cut to a tent housing the reconstruction of a Victorian kitchen, people are in costume and there is an interview.  Scenes of horses and ponies being paraded around a ring - they are judged.  The interior of the vegetable tent - there is an interview.

More scenes are filmed inside the flower and handicrafts tent.  There are interviews with pony and horse owners.  Animals shown being lead around the ring.  There are pictures of sheep and cows in pens and their owners as well as a lengthy section on the sheep-dog trials.  This is explained in detail.  Mixed shots of a bouncy castle and show visitors strolling around (some in costume).  Interior of the luncheon tent is now shown.

Ruby Garbutt introduces Lord Feversham:  President of the Bilsdale Agricultural Show who gives a speech to the assembled diners.  Back to what's going on outside:  The Bilsdale Silver Band plays, there are scenes of kids in fancy-dress on ponies, Shire horses, spectators, a farmer cleaning a heifer, sheep in pens being inspected, goats being judged, a man with a ferret, a coconut shy, children’s races, Morris dancers and horses and hounds in the ring (from the Bilsdale hunt.) There is a violin heard and more Morris dancing takes place, the fat beasts are judged (bullocks, calves & heifers), there is horse jumping and the presentation of trophies, the dog-show takes place, prizes are given for best costume, there is a rabbit-show, more horse-jumping, lots of dog-racing, quoits and children’s races.  End credits.